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Your lies cut like knives :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 0 0
Twas The Night Before Halloween by TaylorFenner Twas The Night Before Halloween :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 6 0 Into the Light Book Cover by TaylorFenner Into the Light Book Cover :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 0 0 Summer Sunset by TaylorFenner Summer Sunset :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 8 0
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Reconsider :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 1 0
Out of Darkness Cover by TaylorFenner Out of Darkness Cover :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 2 4 Through the Woods... by TaylorFenner Through the Woods... :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 3 0 Chocolate Filled Beignets by TaylorFenner Chocolate Filled Beignets :icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 0 2
Dark Destiny
I watched as the blood drip, drip, dripped from the ceiling onto the bare mattress. It landed with a plop just inches from the tip of my toes. I hugged my knees closer to my chest as my stomach roiled in disgust.
I swallowed back the bile from the cafeteria gruel I had choked down during dinner hour as I peeked up at the source of the dripping blood. Above my head the girl with the hideously grotesque smile, that looked as if someone had grabbed the corners of her mouth and ripped the skin wide open, rested against the ceiling. She stared back at me with her dull lifeless eyes.
Apart from the grotesque smile and the gaping wound in the girl’s forehead she might have been considered pretty; like a strong Viking maiden woman. If she weren’t a figment of my imagination or whatever my psychologist insisted she was. Nobody every believed me and nobody else had the ability to see her. No, sadly my grim friend was what had landed me in Harpbrooke Asylum in the first place.
:icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 2 0
Finding Elizabeth Deleted Scene
Staring up at the brightly lit window I knew belonged to Lizzie, the memories of the night I snuck in through that very window six months earlier popped into my head. That was when Lizzie was still all mine; before I screwed things up and before Nate stole her away. I can see it so clearly now...
I crunched through the leaves that had begun to fall off the maple tree in Lizzie's backyard. We'd been dating for a couple weeks now. I'd spotted her while I was out with my then girlfriend Darcy, and something inside me just clicked. Everything made sense for the first time.
Creeping under the large living room window I reached for the ivy covered trellis that ran up the side of the house right next to Lizzie's bedroom. I stuck my foot through one of the holes to test my weight. When it held I grabbed on and began climbing.
Peering through Lizzie's window I found her sprawled across her bed drawing in the thick black sketchbook she took everywhere. I tapped lightly against the glass, hard
:icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 1 0
As much as we want to say it’s over,
I think we both know that isn’t true,
Maybe that’s why I didn’t cry when you said we were through,
Because secretly I knew…
To me you’re the Mr. Big to my Carrie Bradshaw,
Except I’m not blonde, thin, or a smoker.
They put each other through a lot,
But in the end the only person they’d ever love was each other.
Yes, someday I might date other guys,
But none will make me forget.
How else do you explain…
                                       Why you can’t let me go either?
:icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 1 0
Syn's Ghostly Encounter
      I never let myself believe in something so foolish, but this time something about it - I just couldn't quite shake the thought that it just might be real. Was my mind playing tricks on me or could there really be a ghost floating around my dorm room?
      "Pull yourself together Syn," I order myself as I close my eyes and hope when I reopen them the ghostly apparition hovering beside my window would be gone. I didn't even believe in ghosts for cripes sake.
       I hoped against hope as I crack open my eyes. Nope, he was still there, his smoky gray eyes alight with amusement. "What do you want?" I demand, my quivering voice betraying my confident facade.
       The ghost's smile widens as he shakes his head and comes closer, freezing me with the icy drop in temperature that accompanies him.
        I scoot back toward my headboard and grip the blankets against my tank-top-covered che
:icontaylorfenner:TaylorFenner 2 0


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21.09.15 :iconlesserpandabear:LesserPandaBear 4 6
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she is a light in the dark
she found her calling
weaving magic in the night
sweeping up black holes
gathering soul dust bunnies
before banishing the dark
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 18 4
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I know, I know... it never seems like I'm active on here. Honestly, I am up to a bunch of stuff, but not much worth sharing. This is what I'm working on lately:

:bulletblack: I run a book blog that I post on 3-4 times per week which takes up a huge chunk of my time.
:bulletred: Because of my blog I'm constantly reading and reviewing books (so far I've read 8 of my 30 book goal for 2017!)
:bulletblack: I post 2-3 pictures everyday on #bookstagram on Instagram (check out my pictures here:…)
:bulletred: I just finished up a book cover for an author which has taken up a good chunk of this month to work on. (I think it looks great personally)
:bulletblack: This month I set a goal to:
            :bulletred: Revise my NaNoWriMo 2016 Project (Check)
            :bulletred: Self-Edit the following projects before sending off to my regular editor:
                                :bulletblack: Eternal Fire (Eternals Trilogy 2.5, An Eternals Trilogy Novelette) (Check)
                                :bulletblack: Through the Fog (Eternals Trilogy #3) 
                                :bulletblack: My Untitled NaNoWriMo 2016 Project (A Standalone High Fantasy / Fairy Tale Retelling)
            :bulletred: Come up with a title for my untitled NaNoWriMo 2016 Project 
            :bulletred: Pick an idea from my list of story ideas and begin outlining the story (Idea Check! Outlining... not so much)

So as you can see I'm keeping busy and turning into a huge workaholic. To keep up on my day to day stuff look me up on the following places (if you want):
      Monthly Newsletter:
  • Listening to: Private Parts by Halestorm
  • Reading: The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon
  • Watching: House Hunters


Sugar Skull
I don't know what to categorize this as.. I didn't draw it, I just saw it in Food Network magazine and colored it in the slim chance I could win $500. It painfully reminded me just how bad I am at coloring and staying within the lines. I don't really get the adult coloring book thing. I know they say it's soothing, but to me soothing is disappearing into the pages of a book. 

Colored with permanent marker.
Carnival of Horrors
For my group :iconparanormal-artists:'s First Monthly Prompt: CLOWNS! [Read more here: paranormal-artists.deviantart.… ]

It's been a while since I did a photomanipulation, and inspiration wasn't really hitting me...

Rodney It Clown 1a by :iconjagged-eye:
Mira Nox by :iconmiranox:
Background by DavidZydd…
Any additional texturizing painted by me.
Invasion. Apocalyptic. Dystopian. Destruction. 

Made from unused but purchased stock for a book cover I was hired to do but the author changed his mind and said my work was sloppy. *Shrugs* you be the judge. 

All stock purchased from Shutterstock.………

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I thought I was special.
I thought I was your girl.
I thought when you said you loved me you were being sincere.

I've given you nearly five years.
That's all of my twenties.
While friends have been on dates and having fun,
I've been sitting by my phone dreaming of when we could finally be together.

You told me you wanted to marry me.
You told me you wanted a family with me.
You made me believe we were forever.

I understood your kinks,
Hell some of yours are my own too.
But tonight you fucked up,
Talk to her, you urged -
The girl you're sleeping with.

Play nice, you advised,
Hoping we'd 'bond.'
Well, its been a very illuminating evening.
I've learned I'm not special at all...

That everything you told me about her you told her about me,
That everything I thought you confided in me about,
Was merely a ploy,
To make me feel vulnerable toward you.

I was comforted by your fucking mistress!
She told me to stay with you,
Because I've been with you longer,
Because I need you more than I need oxygen.

But the question is:
Do you really love me?
Or is that a ploy too?
Your lies cut like knives
So I found out my boyfriend's secret tonight. I feel hurt and betrayed and so freaking stupid. My boyfriend has been messing around on me for 2-3 YEARS and I believed him when he told me he loved me. This other girl literally had to comfort me and the worst part is that she and I actually have a lot in common and I think that under different circumstances we could be really great friends. She told me to stay with him. To talk things over with him. I don't know anymore. I don't know anything anymore. :'(


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Taylor Fenner
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States

Hey, I'm Taylor Fenner. I'm an author of young adult paranormal romance novels. My novels The Haunting Love and Finding Elizabeth are now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. I'm also into photography, fashion design, and drawing. I love horror movies, so don't be weirded out if I mention that I watch them a lot! :)

my :facebook: author page:…
my author website:
become my fan on goodreads:



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